Our Hearts are with you

We know that this time in our history has been difficult to adjust to and as usual we as Canadians have risen above and are overcoming this record breaking pandemic. What we didn’t anticipate was the gross reality check we as forensic nurses would get in the wake of the tragedy that has befallen Nova Scotia. We can not begin to imagine what a death toll of such magnitude feels like in many places across Canada. What we do know is that folks handle trauma and grief in different ways and it’s already apparent our nation and the world is wrapping Nova Scotia and even all Canadians affected in love and support. We at CFNA want to express our deepest condolences and share our tears with our forensic nurses in Nova Scotia, and with all of those affected by this senseless tragedy. What we can say is that sometimes we have to be okay with things like this never making sense. This unimaginable loss can not be excused by anything, and trying to reason in your mind or understand better can drive a person mad. If you need any support please reach out to anyone of us during this time or any time, and know that we are crying and mourning with you.

Kelly, Sheila, Liz, Jill, and Candice