Nurse Volunteers wanted!

Hello CFNA members, for several years, I have been a member of the PHAC, National Guidance Implementation Committee (NGIC) of the VEGA Project. Through this project, VEGA has created a “Handbook” with content on “how to recognize and respond safely to family violence”. There are three sections, child maltreatment, interpersonal violence and children’s exposure to interpersonal violence. We are now looking for volunteers for content review and feedback. We are hoping to find 6 nurses who provide direct care to volunteer to review one section of the handbook. We would like 3 of these nurses to be experienced in working with the specific population (IPV, child maltreatment; others can should be frontline nurses. Ideally, we would like to identify volunteers by March 1st and they would have about 2 weeks to do the review. It should take about one hour to review the handbook. For more information about VEGA see

Please contact me at if you are interested in participating.

Kind Regards,

Judy Waldman RN, MN- NP-PHC