National Nurses Week 2020

2020 marks the year of the nurse. I’m sure you’ve all heard the “this is not what we needed to be recognized” comments when it comes to enduring COVID-19. Nursing in itself is every day walking in to situations most folks would turn away from and this latest situation, although unlike anything the world has ever seen, is no exception. Forensic Nursing is all sorts of things and is different based on what stream you choose. What remains the same is that at the heart of what we do, we all started out as brand new nurses. We decided we cared enough about other people to make it our profession day in and day out.

I’m with you on the “this has been the strangest few months ever” part, but as usual nurses have been coming to work when almost nobody else was, and have been advocating left and right for their patients. The concern for domestic and intimate partner violence has never seemed greater and the unknowns of what the repercussions of all these changes will bring can be frightening. Now that some of us are starting to see the light at the end of the reopening tunnel, we at CFNA want to remind you, that you’ve always been our heroes. It never takes a day or a week for us to recognize what we have in all of you. This week and every week, we salute you, and we thank you.

Kelly Branchi President

Liz Louden Treasurer

Jillian Bister Secretary

Sheila Early Membership Coordinator

Candice Dekleva Education/Communications Coordinator