Membership Information

While our focus is Canadian Forensic Nurses and their scope of practice in many different areas, full membership is open to any Canadian Nurse from any background looking to increase their knowledge and networking capacity.

If you are looking to apply for membership with the Canadian Forensic Nursing Association please reference the below lists to see where you might fit.

Annual Fees and Membership Options:

  • Full Member: $75 VOTING (Healthcare providers such as Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Physicians, Social Workers, and Psychologists). 
  • Student Member: $20 NON VOTING (students enrolled in a full time educational program such as nursing, social work, criminology, or sociology).
  • Group Membership (minimum 5 people): 10% discount on each individual membership fee

There are two ways in which you can join the Association and/ or renew your membership:

  1. If paying online with E-Transfer, please email transfer to Liz Louden at, lizdenforensicconsulting
  2. If paying by cheque or cash, please complete the CFNA Member Application and mail along with your payment to the Treasurer address below:

 CFNA is unable to accept applications/renewals by phone or by credit card.

What do We Provide?

  • Networking with other forensic nurses and professionals from across Canada
  • Input to CNA and other agencies (e.g.- RCMP, government) regarding forensic nursing roles, or issues relevant to care of victims of violence/trauma or offenders
  • Liaison with related forensic and specialty nursing associations such as Emergency or Forensic Nurses’ groups on areas of shared interest
  • Information on forensic education, research and practice information for different subspecialty areas (e.g.-intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, psychiatry, corrections, death investigation)

What can Members Expect?

  • Regular Membership Meetings (by teleconference) and one face-to-face meeting at IAFN conference
  • Annual Newsletters
  • Education Webinars quarterly on topics relevant to Forensic Nurses

Please contact our Membership Coordinator Sheila Early: