Indian Nursing Council Recognizes Forensic Nursing

India has set a significant precedent for all nations combating violence. India has become the first nation to require forensic studies in its nursing science curricula.

The Indian Nursing Council has announced the implementation of a full semester of forensic nursing science as a component for achieving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BsN) degree from any nursing college throughout the subcontinent (Indian Nursing Council, 2021). This initiative will introduce concepts of forensic nursing practice and promote the role of the forensic nurse clinician, while simultaneously improving medicolegal services in India (Indian Nursing Council, 2021).

The introduction of a forensic nurse clinician is central to the role nurses will fill in delivering forensic health care. Forensic cases involve the scientific investigation of trauma and death of patients admitted to hospitals or within the community at large—including child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violence, and sexual violence among other law-related cases.

A forensic nurse clinician provides specialized care to survivors of crime-related trauma, recovers medical-forensic evidence, working in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, forensic physicians, and courts of law. The purpose of this new role in nursing practice is to help manage the complicated issues of reducing and preventing violence against women, children, and other vulnerable populations.

The Indo-Pacific Academy of Forensic Nursing Science (IPAFNUS) was founded in 2010 in Patiala, Punjab, India, under the direction of Dr. Rakesh K. Gorea,

IPAFNUS President, Professor and Head, Forensic Medicine, Gian Sagar Medical College, Ram Nagar, Punjab, India. Chief Patron Virginia A. Lynch, a forensic clinical nurse specialist, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, was instrumental in introducing the Integrated Practice Model of Forensic Nursing Science in 2002, and has continued to support the development of this emergent discipline throughout the following years.

The IPAFNUS has organized six scientific congresses with numerous Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) and awareness programs in various parts of India. For further information on the Indo-Pacific Academy of Forensic Nursing Science-sponsored conferences and membership, please visit us at the Academy:


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