Exclusive access to new Canadian resource brought to you by CFNA and NEVR

 Making Sense of a Global Pandemic: Relationship Violence & Working Together Towards a Violence Free Society,

a free, open book  publication is  now available  to all disciplines as well as the general public.  It is dedicated to  service providers, students, victims/survivors, allies of the anti-violence sector and comes out of the work of the community grass roots organization Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships.   https://www.kpu.ca/nevr

Under the direction of  Editor and author Dr. Balbir Gurm, the book is the cumulative work  of  Balbir Gurm, Glacia Salgado, Jennifer Marchbank and Sheila Early as well as a number of contributors.     

With a wealth of information and resources, of particular interest to Forensic Nurses is  Chapter 11 Understanding the Healthcare Response: Forensic Nursing as a Change Agent ( https://kpu.pressbooks.pub/nevr/chapter/chapter-11-understanding-the-healthcare-systems-response/)

The book is also a “living book” which will be updated regularly keeping it a current and timely resource. 

See also  https://www.surreynowleader.com/community/relationship-violence-pandemic-explored-in-new-e-book-co-authored-by-kpu-prof/

“ Being part of this publication is a tremendous honor and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring Forensic Nursing to the forefront in a Canadian publication which is available to everyone”  says Sheila Early,  one of CFNA ‘s co founders and  CFNA president elect 2020.