Congratulations to the Abbotsford Forensic Nursing Service!

On behalf of the Canadian Forensic Nurse Association please accept our congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of your Forensic Nursing Service program initiated in 1999 at Abbotsford Hospital (later Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre). Twenty years of providing best practice health care to patients who have presented for the medical forensic care provided by Nurse Examiners (in 1999) and now Forensic Nurse Examiners (FNE) is a huge milestone in forensic nursing in Canada. In 1999, the role of a Nurse Examiner was uncommon, unrecognized and unique. Abbotsford Hospital is to be commended for meeting the challenges they were presented with in order that today, the Forensic Nursing Service continues to flourish in your Community twenty years later.

To the Forensic Nurses today: Thank you from your Association for your practice and commitment to Forensic Nursing.


CFNA President Kelly Branchi

CFNA Executive 2019