Celebrating Forensic Nurses Week Nov 8-12

Your Executive wishes to recognize 2021’s Forensic Nurses Week by commending all our members for the forensic nursing care they are providing for Canadian patients/clients in all of the many roles that encompass Forensic Nursing.  Violence and trauma permeate healthcare for all ages, genders, races, and cultures.  Forensic Nurses are on the forefront of this pandemic even in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic.  These are difficult times professionally and personally. 

Our Executive hears daily how difficult your work has become in the last two years. We are in awe of your caring, compassion, empathy, and your expertise as you work in incomprehensible situations. 

Thank you to all our Members!

Please watch your emails for exciting Forensic Nurses Week postings about future webinars, a cash prize draw and how to sign up for our new Member platform~ MEMBERPLANET. Our members asked for an interactive member platform, and this is it! If you have not received your invite (or it got into your Junk/Spam folder), please let our Membership Coordinator know and a new invite will be sent to you.