Amendments to Bill C-83 and Letter of Support

Please see the attached information regarding Bill C-83. Shared in case you have a desire to support this cause. The deadline has passed but we encourage you to still write and show your support if you would like to.

Dear colleagues,

As you may know, Bill C-83, An Act to Amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act ( is currently debated in the Senate and the House. The proponents of the Bill (the government) maintain that this Bill will abolish solitary confinement and replace it with a human system called structured intervention units. However (as various NGOs and prison monitoring mechanisms noted), the change is in name only, as individuals will still be isolated for 4 hours/daily with no meaningful contact. What is worse is that the new Bill removes any cap – so people can be isolated in these units indefinitely. Also there is no oversight of the decision to place or keep someone in solitary. Both of these have been deemed in violation of the Charter in two recent cases this past year. Not surprisingly, the ones the most affected by the Bill will be the racial minorities, Indigenous people and people with mental illnesses overrepresented at all stages of the administration of justice. A Senate committee has worked on some amendments to the Bill that would ensure a strict cap on solitary confinement and judicial oversight. The amendments will be soon debated. Letters of support may go a long way. I am attaching a draft letter, written by myself and my colleague, Sheila Wildeman. Many thanks for reading the letter and considering signing. It would also be highly appreciated if you could share it with your faculties and other networks. If you wish to add your name please send me an email at with your name and title by the end of the week. Happy to answer any questions on this.


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