Ministry of Justice – BC Coroners Service – Job Posting


Combine your investigative/analytical skills and communications expertise in this challenging leadership role

Salary $72,000 – $100,000 annually

The BC Coroners Service is responsible, under the Coroners Act, for conducting thorough, independent investigations of all factors contributing to the unexpected, unattended or unexplained deaths of persons in BC; and for issuing related recommendations to assist in preventing future deaths and improving community safety and quality of life for all British Columbians. The Coroner is a medical/legal death investigator appointed by the Chief Coroner, responsible within a specific geographic area for establishing and making public the identity of the decedent, when, where, how and by what means the decedent died. The Coroner concludes the investigation by way of a formal public coroner’s report or may preside over a formal jury at an Inquest.

As Coroner, you are continually analyzing information and determining the next steps necessary to help understand the circumstances surrounding death. The Coroner works in a stressful environment and primary activities include assuming any follow-up investigative work required after the preliminary information has been collected by the Coroner who attended the scene; analysis of scene/medical information to establish the need for post-mortem examinations; and managing the file through to case completion. In some circumstances attendance at the scene of death to investigate and collect information may be required. Emotionally intelligent and able to adjust your communication based on the situation, you play a vital link to family members or next-of-kin ensuring that they are informed of all of the facts.  Each investigation is concluded by a coroner’s report or public inquest where the aspects of prevention are addressed.

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