Joining CFNA

If you are interested in joining the Canadian Forensic Nurses Association, first complete an application form. The membership year is Apr 1-Mar 31 and October 1- Nov 30 each year.

If you are mailing in your cheque for membership – please send to our Treasurer:

Nicole Hynes
Treasurer, CFNA, 43 Wiltshire Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2J 2L6


For all other questions or inquiries please contact Membership Coordinator:

Ashley Smith – (204) 990-4082 or


PLEASE NOTE:  Email is our main form of communication. PLEASE ENSURE YOU KEEP US NOTIFIED OF ANY CHANGES IN YOUR EMAIL. If you have not heard from us recently and you are a member in good standing, please contact either our membership or education coordinator to ensure we have your correct email.