BCIT Education: FSCT 0091 – Forensic Approaches to Caring for Victims of Violence in Primary Health Care

Workshop Description

Forensic health care and trauma informed practice are emerging as new concepts in the medical/health care of Canadians. It can be a challenge for primary health care providers to care for victims of violence in a compassionate manner while also keeping in mind possible evidence collection and necessary medical care. This advanced workshop will provide a foundation for providing trauma informed forensic medical/health care to victims of violence. The workshop is specifically for primary health care providers (Nurse Practitioners, Family Physicians) and RNs working in rural or remote settings (ie. RN(C)) with limited access to a forensic (or SANE) program at the local hospital. This workshop will build on the advanced assessment skills of a primary care provider and prepare you to effectively provide trauma-informed appropriate medical care to victims of violence; provide guidelines for follow up and safety planning; understanding your duty to report; identification, assessment and documentation of injuries; collection and management of forensic specimens and how to write a medical-legal report.

Prerequisite: Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Advanced Practice RN, RN(C)- Rural Remote Certified, Outpost Nurse or by permission of the instructor

For more information, see attached flyer: FSCT 0091 flyer 201810